Back to Fitness: Time to Establish Your Healthiest Habits

healthiest habits

As students return to school, vacations come to an end, and routines return to normal, many people are trying to incorporate new, healthy habits — or get back to their healthiest habits that might have slipped away over the fluctuating summer months. The back-to-school season can be the perfect time to build healthier routines into your lifestyle, like doing beginner workouts you haven’t revisited in a while or trying to diet for muscle gain instead of weight loss. Whether you’re trying to reset after a stressful summer or take advantage of the increased structure the new school year brings, here are some tips to make the most of this season for your health and wellness.

1. Set Achievable Goals to Start a Wellness Journey

Whether you want to run a 5K, exercise to strengthen your lower back, learn how to bench press, or eat to improve your health, it’s essential to start with your goal in mind. Having something concrete and specific to work toward can help you get excited about your new routine. What are your personal goals for your health? What routines can you set in place to achieve these goals? Stopping to evaluate your current lifestyle, what you’d like to change, and what you want to achieve lays the foundation for achieving your healthiest habits and goals.

A personal health assessment can also help you set achievable goals that are right for you. This assessment will identify which areas you should focus on in your workout plan to relieve pain or improve strength, mobility and balance. You’ll also receive a personalized nutritional review and wellness plan to incorporate into your healthy routines and wellness journey.

2. Make a Plan that Works for You

The healthiest habits are the ones that are truly sustainable. Maybe you’ve always tried to go running before breakfast, but no morning routine works for you. Instead, try running in the evening or after work. On the other hand, if the morning is your favorite time of day, getting up early to work out may get you moving and in a good mood before you even start your day. The same goes for healthy eating habits. If you’re busy all day, planning and preparation are key-heavy meals every night will lead to discouragement. Try instead planning healthy meals in a Crock Pot or slow cooker.

As you plan out your healthy routines, make sure to take into account your own needs and abilities. Someone else’s gym workout routines may not be right for you if they don’t have the same goals or fitness level. Never been to a fitness center before? Start out by learning some workout routines at the gym for beginners. Don’t be afraid to try something new — maybe instead of the treadmill, you get more excited about the punching bag. Your local health club has both!

3. Find an Accountability Partner

It’s easy to plan to start dieting to gain muscle or doing your new workout routine daily. It’s a lot harder to keep it going two weeks in, when all you want to do is order fast food and watch your favorite show. This is where other people, namely an accountability partner, come in.

Maybe it’s a group working toward the same goal, a friend who will go to the fitness center with you every morning, or an accountability partner who will text every day to keep you on track. Being accountable to others, not just to yourself, can be a powerful motivator to keep you going with your new routine even when you don’t feel like it. Try a workout tracker app to keep track of your routines, and share your progress with friends. You might also consider investing in a class or even a personal trainer for the extra accountability. 

Having someone there to remind you of your goals when you lose sight of them can be invaluable as you start your wellness journey. Community is one of the most important factors in your personal health, so be sure to seek out other people to join you in pursuing a healthy, active lifestyle.

4. Hire a Professional

Professional coaches have much more to offer than just accountability, and hiring one may be the investment you need to take control of your health and wellness. A personal trainer will not only be able to teach you gym workout routines and the best exercises for your back, chest, and other important muscle groups, They can help assess your overall health and fitness needs, set achievable goals, and develop a workout plan to help you meet those goals. A personal trainer will also teach you how to perform exercises safely, so that you don’t injure yourself. 

Similarly, a dietician can help you evaluate your overall lifestyle and restructure your diet to meet your nutritional needs. Working with a professional, you’ll learn how to eat for increased energy, mental clarity, and overall health.  

If you’re ready to take control of your life and your health, OAK Health Club of Ashburn in Virginia is here to help. We offer personalized experiences through a combination of fitness, nutrition, recovery, and community. The result: you’ll feel healthy, capable, and empowered on your path to optimal health and wellness. Our Loudoun County based fitness club offers everything you need for success when you start a wellness journey. Pick a membership offer or call us for more information at 1-571-462-6542. You’re always invited to schedule a tour and see what OAK Health Club has to offer!

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