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Back to Fitness: Time to Establish Your Healthiest Habits

Back-to-school season can be the perfect time to get back to your healthiest habits and build healthier routines into your lifestyle.


Cryotherapy Benefits: Why It’s Helpful to Pair Cryotherapy with a Fitness Routine

Whole body cryotherapy has been gaining popularity, so today we'll be answering the questions: What is cryotherapy? And what are its benefits?


Fitness Through the Decades: The Evolution of Routine Exercise

Fitness has evolved through the decades. Learn how to customize your workout plan to match your age and activities in each chapter of life.


5 Tips for Getting Started At The Gym: How to Start Working Out

If you haven’t been consistent with your workout routine, it can be intimidating to start a new training program. Learn how to get started!


Functional Fitness Matters: The ‘Why’ Behind Training Bands, Squatting with Dumbbells, Strength Exercises, and More!

Functional fitness has been gaining popularity, so today we'll answer these questions: What is functional fitness? And why should you do it?


Get Focused, Stay Focused

In a busy world, it can be difficult to stay focused. We live in a distracted culture with continually divided attention. For example, maybe you’re multitasking while reading this. We have more stimulation, more demands, and more competition for attention than ever before. Simply put, focus is a challenge.  So, how do we get focused? […]


OAK Health Club Celebrates First Anniversary

We had a great time celebrating our first anniversary at our Birthday Celebration on May 1! The event kicked off with a ribbon cutting provided by the Loudoun Chamber of Commerce. Following the ribbon cutting there were line dancing lessons taught by LineDance4You and live music from SoHo Down. The event also featured food and […]


Good Stress vs. Bad Stress

Stress is a natural part of our lives. Oftentimes we think of stress as a negative thing, but that isn’t always the case. Stress helps you meet your daily challenges and motivates you to reach your goals, ultimately making you a smarter, happier and healthier person. That’s right. Good stress is vital for a healthy […]


Three Tips for Better Sleep

Sleep is an important part of wellness because it is the time when our brain and body recover from mental and physical strain. Without enough good quality sleep our performance will suffer. Here are three tips to get a better night’s sleep: Sleep Schedule: Having a consistent sleep schedule (even on the weekends!) makes it […]


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