Cryotherapy Benefits: Why It’s Helpful to Pair Cryotherapy with a Fitness Routine

Whole body cryotherapy has been quickly gaining popularity over recent years. While submerging your body in a chamber that exposes you to -200 degree temperatures may seem extreme, cryotherapy benefits far outweigh the chilly temperatures. Whether you are recovering from a chronic injury, trying to reduce pain or inflammation or simply wanting to improve your recovery time after exercise, a cryotherapy machine might just be the missing piece in your wellness routine.

After just a few minutes inside the icy chamber, the benefits that you’ll achieve won’t just aid your athletic performance or recovery. Cryotherapy machines might also accelerate your metabolism, improve your sleep, and even provide relief from stress and anxiety. Combine these cryotherapy benefits with a reduction in joint pain and inflammation, and you can see why people are excited to incorporate whole body cryotherapy into their wellness routines. 

Here are a few things you need to know: what is cryotherapy, the cryotherapy benefits you can expect, and where to find cryotherapy near me.

What is Cryotherapy?

The literal meaning of cryotherapy is “cold therapy.” This technique exposes the body to extremely cold temperatures using a cryotherapy machine or ice, with the option to deliver the cold therapy to one part of the body or the entire body at once.

Any treatment involving freezing or near-freezing temperatures can fall into the category of cryotherapy. For example, some people wonder about cryotherapy vs. ice bath, but the truth is that using a machine and an ice bath are both different forms of cryotherapy.  

With a cryotherapy machine, you are in an enclosure surrounding the entire body, with an opening for your head at the top. Cryotherapy machines use liquid nitrogen to super cool the body in under four minutes using a dry form of cooled air. 

How cold is cryotherapy? 

The cryo machine drops the temperature to minus 200 – 300 degrees Fahrenheit, and you stay there for one to three minutes. As the cryotherapy machine brings your skin and muscle temperature down, you may experience relief from pain and swelling.

Is there a difference in Cryotherapy vs. Coolsculpting?

Both cryotherapy and coolsculpting are forms of cold therapy, but they use different methods. With Coolsculpting, the goal is to kill fat cells by exposing them to extreme cold temperatures. On the other hand, cryotherapy is often used as a medical recovery technique.

How much does cryotherapy cost?

If you research “how much does cryotherapy cost,” you’ll see that it makes sense to visit a cryotherapy spa or health club with cryotherapy because the cryotherapy machine cost is too high for most people to have an at-home machine.

Cryotherapy Benefits: What You Can Expect

There are undeniable benefits from using a cryo machine. These cryotherapy benefits are available from just one session. But many people move through improved cryotherapy healing stages when they choose a package with multiple sessions.

A cryo machine can help with specific health concerns. For example, some people like using cryotherapy for managing migraine symptoms, alleviating nerve irritation, reducing arthritic pain, and treating different types of skin conditions.

Elite athletes like using cryotherapy machines because they can help to improve alertness, increase energy, and alleviate joint and muscle pain. Cryotherapy benefits are also available in everyday life, offering improved sleep and relief from depression and anxiety.

Cryotherapy Side Effects: Are There Risks from Visiting a Cryotherapy Spa?

When you are looking for cryotherapy near me, make sure to choose a reputable provider to avoid serious side effects or risks. The most common types of cryotherapy side effects include skin irritation, tingling, numbness, or redness. These side effects typically go away within 24 hours or less.

Cryotherapy Healing Stages and Other Recovery Treatments

Anti-Inflammatory and Recovery Results

While some people may ask about using cryo to lose weight, the most powerful cryo benefits come from the anti-inflammatory and recovery results. A cryotherapy session can reduce downtime by supporting the natural healing processes in the body. Some people also use cryotherapy as a preventative solution for various ailments. In fact, it’s common for people to focus on healing when using a cryotherapy machine, and then find that incorporating cryotherapy can accelerate their metabolism and improve their sleep. 

Alternative Recovery Treatments: Infrared Saunas

Cooling the body is not the only way to experience healing through temperature change. Infrared saunas can achieve similar results to cryotherapy machines, but use the art of heating the body. While traditional saunas heat the air around you, infrared saunas heat your body directly through the benefit of infrared lamps that use electromagnetic radiation.

Alternative Recovery Treatments: Massage Therapy

Another recovery treatment that can help reduce inflammation and provide relief to sore muscles and painful joints is massage therapy. Swedish massage, deep tissue massage and cupping improve workout recovery after exercise and often help to reduce down time when injuries do occur. Incorporating these spa services into your gym routine workout will help your body to recover and repair between workouts.

Alternative Recovery Treatments: Spa Options

When you visit our health club, you’ll find we’re more than just a fitness center, and we offer much more than a workout and a dietician to help you reach your goals. You also have access to other healing and recovery therapies at our spa, such as a cryotherapy machine, infrared sauna, a variety of Hyperice products, and massage services. So pair your gym workout routine with a recovery session to optimize your overall results. You can access all the health and fitness support you need in one convenient location.

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