Get Focused, Stay Focused

In a busy world, it can be difficult to stay focused. We live in a distracted culture with continually divided attention. For example, maybe you’re multitasking while reading this. We have more stimulation, more demands, and more competition for attention than ever before. Simply put, focus is a challenge. 

So, how do we get focused?

Studies have found that those who can focus on what truly matters, and prioritize one thing at a time, get better results with less effort. We can start this process by clearly defining our values and priorities. It can be difficult to stick to tasks and desired behaviors if we don’t truly want a particular outcome. Therefore, we need to determine what we really, really want. 

Great, we got focused. Now, how do we stay focused?

Once we have our values and priorities defined, we can start building habits into our lives to promote focus. Here are some examples.

Morning check-in

+ Write down your goals, values, and priorities.

+ Review these in the morning.

+ Repeat every day.

Bookend ritual

+ In the morning write down your goals and priorities.

+ In the evening do a “post-game analysis” to see how well you did.

+ If your behaviors didn’t match your goals, revise and adjust.

+ Use your “post-game analysis” to create your plan for the next morning.

Daily goals in your pocket

+ Write down small, daily goals on a piece of paper and keep it in your pocket all day.

Goal check-in

+ Reflect before making any decisions that feel impulsive or compulsive.

+ What do I want right now?

+ What do I ultimately want?

+ Am I willing to sacrifice my values and goals for what I want right now?

Give these a try and find a routine that works best for you!

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