OrthoPelvic Physical Therapy: Pelvic Floor and Core Workshop – Jul 14

Join OAK Health Club for a Pelvic Floor and Core Workshop with OrthoPelvic Physical Therapy!

Your pelvic floor is the base of your core and its function affects your entire body. Properly strengthening and stabilizing the pelvic floor helps create a strong foundation for all movement. 

Maybe you have carried a child, are going through peri-menopause or are post menopausal and noticing changes in your body. Perhaps you exercise regularly or are an athlete who does lots of high impact sports. This workshop is for anyone who is interetesed in improving their pelvic floor and core health.

In this workshop Dr. Kelly Alhooie will go over: 

+ Intro to the pelvic floor

+ How breath impacts everything

+ Mobilization of the hip

+ Why spinal rotations can help back pain

+ Modifications for SI joint pain

+ Q&A time

This event is open to everyone. Members, non-members, friends, family, all are welcome!

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