Wine and Wealth – Jun 16

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Ever wonder what happens to celebrity fortunes when they die? Many stars seen at red carpet awards ceremonies have no estate plan whatsoever or, even worse, they have one that is incomplete. Their problems could also be yours. Estate planning sounds as if it is for the wealthy when, in fact, it applies to everyone, at every adult age.

We may all may not be celebrities but a sound financial plan can mean the difference from having a safe and secure retirement or finding ourselves in a situation where we have outlived our money. Learning the rules of the “Money Game” will allow us to utilize the system to our advantage. 

OAK Health Club has partnered with Legacy Lawyers, Financial Advisors Dave Hedrick and Jackie Hopkins, and Scout and Cellar, a distributor of clean-crafted wines from around the world. Together, we will provide you an educational and informative evening on estate and financial planning. We will look at failed celebrity estates and how you can avoid their mistakes as well as how we can all make more informed financial decisions that will impact us for decades to come… all while sipping great wine!

This presentation covers how great estate and financial plans are created, and how important it is for these to co-exist to benefit you and your family, celebrity or not. We will use the stories of celebrity mistakes along with everyday individuals to uncover how those same laws apply to you, and why it’s so critical to make sure that your plan succeeds. We provide a complimentary wine tasting for each attendee, along with light refreshments. 

This event is open to everyone. Members, non-members, friends, family, all are welcome!

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