Jared Cromwell

Jared Cromwell, a dedicated strength and conditioning coach, and Membership Sales Manager, holds a Master’s in Exercise Science with dual concentrations in Applied Sport Science and Sport Psychology from Pennsylvania Western University, California. His journey in fitness began in Virginia, playing various sports and starting training at the age of 12. After earning a Bachelor’s in Sport and Exercise Psychology from West Virginia University, along with a minor in Business Administration, Jared became a Certified Personal Trainer and Performance Enhancement Specialist.

Since then, Jared has been passionately guiding individuals through their fitness journeys, transitioning to focus on athletes after completing his master’s program. After joining Exos as a Research Associate, he started training at OAK Health Club. Jared is enthusiastic about expanding the OAK community, helping more individuals take charge of their health. In his free time, he’s immersed in Olympic lifts, a good book, and cherishes moments with his lovely girlfriend and precious dog.

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