OAK isn’t just another gym. It’s a health club in every sense of the word. OAK is built around a philosophy of holistic wellness, personalized solutions and a sense of community where members can personalize their journey to live life on their own terms. OAK is a place where you will never, ever stop growing.

The Club

All you’ve ever known about “gyms” is about to change.  A change that starts with you as a member of the most awe-inspiring environment and supportive community solely focused on your personal well-being.


Meet The Team

OAK Health Club boasts some of the most sought-after team members in the industry who are here to ensure your wellness journey is second to none. From top fitness management executives to elite trainers and coaches, therapists and registered dietitians, OAK Health Club proudly provides you a premier team of professionals who are ready to be at your service.


At OAK, there is nothing more important than your own health. After all, that’s why you’re here. Your well-being is rooted into every aspect of OAK, and we are ensuring your safety is our top priority by providing a clean and safe environment where you can build, believe and belong.  This includes daily electrostatic cleaning in addition to thoroughly sanitizing all equipment throughout the day.

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